About Level5

“Our dream is to elevate the management and development to a new level – Level 5″

At this level, you will find the resources, confidence and self-esteem, which means that you get to “rest in yourself” and at the same time is a good example for others!

Our activities is about working with the “whole” person, breaking patterns and to move to a new and more relevant leadership level – about being ready to match the challenges of the 21st century.

The people behind the Level 5

Preben Werther
Personal development, content, structure and the proces part. Preben is former elite soldier and has been Major and educational manager in the Danish Special Forces. He has been athletics manager in the Danish military and furthermore he is a cross country runner, fencer and team captain of the Danish military team.

Frits Møller Sørensen
The adventure-experience, development, safety, location and security of quality. He is an elite soldier and responsible of education. Furthermore he is an instructor in parachute jumping and tandem master.

Søren Anker
The adventure-experience, development, quality, accommodations, food, administration, sale and booking. In his spare time he is into randonné and telemark skiing, kite surfing, diving and trekking.

Exceeded Leadership 

Exceeded Leadership is about developing resources and self-esteem to enable you to find a personal balance.
Being a role model for others demands extra resources and power. We can find those resources together.

In our training programs you will do things rather than just talk about them.
With challenging physical activities and an authentic spirit we will help you find your way to the fifth level.

The Essence of the Fifth Level

Contact Level5

Filmbyen 19
DK-8000 Aarhus

Tel: (+45) 20 99 86 76
Mail: info@level5.dk